Disposable Mask (10 pieces)
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Disposable Mask (10 pieces)
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RUBY Ultimate Resistance Glass


VITHERUM RUBY 3D Curved Ultimate Resistance Technology Tempered Glass + Applicator


• RUBY series: Crafted for your device, 3D curved technology, Ultimate resistance, impact resistant edges, lifetime warranty.

• The strongest glass ever: RUBY is one of the strongest glass ever developed in the tempered glass industry. This ruby glass has been drop tested with a work of 941mJ before shipment and is 15 times stronger than the entry-level glasses that can be found on the market.

• Lifetime warranty: each RUBY glass comes with a limited lifetime warranty card.  Visit our full program here.

• Full cover: This VITHERUM glass covers 100% of the screen of your device and is compatible with all the back cases of the market

• Super sensitivity: High transparency and designed to have perfect interaction with the touch panel of your device, this glass is anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, waterproof and features bubble free installation.

• Strength Level Ultimate: Ultimate protection from impacts, drops and scratches. Drop tested at VTH150 (150 cm high with a 64g metal ball // Ek = 941 mJ).

• Packaging includes: 1 glass, 1 applicator for an easy application, a cleaning-kit of your screen, 1 installation guide.

• Factory brand: We are a factory brand. This VITHERUM glass has been designed and manufactured in our own factory, which enables us to scientifically guarantee all the features and properties that we list are accurate. Feel free to contact us and visit our factory, all of our VITHERUM customers are welcome!

Life is an interesting phenomenon: the things that mean the most are the most fragile, the things that are the most important are the easiest to damage.  It is true in the world of the unseen thought and emotion as it is in the physical world.  Love, loyalty, trust are all very important and are the very fabric of life and interhuman relations, yet they are easily broken and lost.  And what about your personal smartphone?  It has all of your contacts, chats, important apps, payment info and work/business related content.  If your smartphone is out of order for more than an hour (even if it’s just a simple case of a dead battery), your life literally stops.  You can miss important calls, appointments and long awaited life time opportunities.  And what if it’s not a simple case of a dead battery?  What if you dropped your phone and busted your display to a point where it’s unresponsive to touch or is completely unreadable?

Vitherum. Not only is it the best protection known to man in our modern world it is also the best protection in our galaxy.  The clue is in the name of the brand itself.  It’s a thousand year old alien civilization.  And yes they’ve conquered advanced quantum transportation and have state of the art manufacturing technologies.  Superior protection of life’s most fragile and most important things is their secret of survival in the cold vastness of space.

Vitherum is the one and only brand worldwide with the strongest tempered glass screen protector.  This is not just a claim made by the aliens but it’s also been certified by several independent human labs and each and every product line has been independently tested.  Vitherum guarantees the resilience of its protective glass based upon scientific methods employed in production, testing and quality control of its products BEFORE they are shipped out to the human customer.

Aliens are real.  Finally, you have the chance to protect your “life-line” to this world – your phone – with the technology from the far corners of outer space (no space-time continuum knowledge required).


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Решила купить защитное стекло VITHERUM RUBY в силу качества, уже пользовалась ими, только положительные эмоции.


Хорошее стекло

Я очень надеюсь, что это стекло действительно окажется очень прочным, по крайней мере пока всё устраивает.



Стекло высокого качества, убедился на личном опыте. При падении телефона стекло даже не треснуло.


Мне нравится!

Очень чувствуется разница между тем, что я раньше покупала и этим стеклом, не жалею, что его заказала.



Обычные стекла приходилось меня раз в месяц стабильно, на работе постоянно царапаются и бьются, решил взять дороже, уже месяц все хорошо.



So...I've seen this pop up on my YouTube once or twice. I bought it after another cracked glass experience and having tried all the usual suspects like Gorilla and so on. So far so good. Loved the packaging and the ease of installation (it comes with a frame that helps you guide the glass onto the display - pretty hot imho). I've been crack and scratchfree about a month now. :)


Достаточно прочное стекло

Купили сыну на ДР новый телефон(дороговатый для ребёнка, ну очень просил).Стал вопрос в выборе стекла, прежние его телефоны все страдали от падений. Заказали RUBY и это стекло себя оправдало в первый день установки. Уронил телефон в школьной столовой на кафель и никаких трещин и царапин:)



После очередного падения стекло треснуло, решила заказать что то прочнее чем было. В этот раз при падении стекло осталось целым. В общем довольна.


защита экрана

Наклеила стекло на телефон. Подошло идеально, приклеилось без проблем. Качество хорошее, не царапается.



На работе постоянно приходится доставать телефон с кармана, экран сильно царапался пока не поставил защитное стекло. Уронил один раз на плитку, все осталось целое.


Прочное стекло!

Очень прочное защитное стекло! С ним теперь нет необходимости беспокоиться за свой смартфон. Цена вполне оправдывает качество товара. Поэтому нужно будет купить несколько штук для будущего!

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