Disposable Mask (10 pieces)
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Disposable Mask (10 pieces)
Boxes of 10 pieces. Exceptionally Free during Coronavirus pandemic. Limited to 1 pack by...
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GDRCAMERA Phone Camera Glass


COKEBOX GDRCAMERA Tempered Glass for mobile phone camera


Made to protect the back camera lens from damage and scratches with chemically processed glass

The surface of the protector has a hardness of 9H, three times stronger than regular PET film

The protector is 0.2mm thick and made with chemically treated, transparent tempered glass

The protector has a coating that prevents fingerprints and other contaminants and makes the film easy to clean

Coated on the back with a strong adhesive that makes installation easy and attaches the film firmly so as to not affect the touch screen sensitivity

If broken, it cracks into small pieces that are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products

“This one goes out to all my X and Y genners…”- do you remember this type of talk on your favorite satellite radio station?  So do I.  I used to listen to Music Instructor tracks on my Sirius XM while enjoying the best of what life had to offer.  I even had a special unit installed in my money green Acura Legend SE.  Yes, sir, that’s the time I’m talking about.  Well, reminisce no more.  Have I got something special for you!

For each and everyone who is interested in Designer Brand Accessories, knows about the Berlin Wall, used to play Tetris and rent Sega and Nintendo games at the local Blockbuster and for the people who honestly enjoy and understand the appeal of brands like Off-White, Super Dry and SUPREME – I present #cokebox

Luxury, uniqueness, a true sense of style and an honest desire for high quality of everything (services, goods, people and life itself) – all that is what makes you and me special, it’s what separates us into our own special group of people who not only, dream and reminisce but people who create, develop, implement and perpetuate at truly living and loving every second of it.

A whole line of #cokebox designers from all over the globe from places like Hong Kong, New York, London, Tokyo and Shanghai are doing the most extraordinary things to create unique collections of products that suit the tastes of the most demanding audience - YOU.

#cokebox GDR prints, for example, are developed by renowned designers who follow the latest cutting-edge fashion trends. Look at the soft touch #cokebox GDR Series Silicone Protective Cases with a wide selection of prints that are dramatically different from similar products on the market.  And #cokebox GDR Case for AirPods is the perfect solution for people who successfully go hunting for Pokemons and do it in style.

Products of the GDR series, as a single example, and the #cokebox brand in its entirety are an outstanding showcase of what any accessory should be like if it wants to lay claim of belonging  to fashionable, high class, limited edition, premium grade group.  It goes without mention that only high-quality, environmentally friendly materials are used to manufacture all of the products in the #cokebox line-up. 

Yes, the 90’s are behind us.  Yes, the Y2K came and went.  But we’ve become wiser, more experienced, created some wealth for ourselves and others and started to love life even more.  The world is changing and this change is due to each and everyone of us doing his/her small but very significant part.  Let’s celebrate it together as the #cokebox brotherhood and let the uninitiated see that singularity of economy is here to stay and hyper-reality is not a philosophical phenomenon anymore.  

---Typed on my iPhone XI Pro with the #cokebox GDR series silicone protective case on while wearing a limited edition #cokebox hand bracelet :)


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Наконец я приобрел долгожданное стекло, спасибо вам, стекло очень хорошее, без проблем сам установил.